Refund Procedures

I. You must complete the ‘Refund Request Form’ (accessible via AIICABM website) or contact our branch Student Services.

II. Your refund will be processed within 6 weeks (30 working days) of receipt of your completed refund request form if it includes all the required documents.

III. Please email the completed ‘Refund Request Form’ to

IV. A written statement will be provided to the student to explain how the refund is calculated.

**Administration processing fees apply for each refund request submitted to admissions department of P3,500.00*

Requirements Checklist

  • Payment deposit slip
  • Invoice / OR
  • Scholarship Grant if any
  • LOO (Letter of Offer)
  • 2 valid IDs
  • Affidavit of Refund (c/o AIICABM)
  • SPA (c/o AIICABM) if required

Refund Process, Forms and Policy

Allow us to assist you better, our refund policy and process are readily available online for your reference.
If you are unsure how to process your refund, please contact your Branch Student Services.

Refund PolicyRefund ProcedureRefund Application Form