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Ausphin is dedicated to the upskilling of the hospitality industry through partnering with current professionals and devoting their efforts into the training of the future superstars!

Once our students graduate, the Ausphin family continues our partnership through a hands-on advisory role. Using our network of industry leaders in Australia and elsewhere, we endeavour to maximise our graduates’ full potential. This means our successful alumni are immediately granted international training and working opportunities!

The courses provided at Ausphin International Institute are designed by professionals in vocation and training as well as experts in the hospitality industry. You will gain access to first-hand industry experience and learn the skills you need to enter your desired field–INTERNATIONALLY!

International Diploma in Culinary Arts and Management

International Diploma in Culinary Arts and Management
Duration: 12 months
Qualification: Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (Australian Qualification), NC II Cookery
Pre-requisite : Year 12 or equivalent; 18 years old and above

Represents a qualification of the skilled operator who applies a broad range of competencies within a more varied work context, possibly providing technical advice and support to a team including having team leader responsibilities.

Designed for a Chef de Partie/Sous Chef position in a workplace.

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International Diploma in Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage Pathway

Duration: 12 months
Qualification: Diploma in Hospitality (Australian Qualification), NC II CFood & Beverage Services)
Pre-requisite : Year 12 or equivalent; 18 years old and above

Represents a qualification based on more sophisticated technical applications involving competencies requiring increased theoretical knowledge, applied in a non-routine environment and which may involve team leadership and management and increased responsibility for outcomes.

It consists of specialized, technical or managerial competencies used to plan, carry out and evaluate work of self and/or team related to a broader organizational focus.

Designed for an Executive Sous Chef or Executive Chef/Operations Manager Position in a workplace

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