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Chef Angelo Velante

With almost 20 years of working experience in international culinary and hospitality management, Chef Angelo is an expert in almost everything in the industry – from creating scrumptious dishes to managing restaurants to establishing strong client relations. He is a highly sought after chef for his luxurious taste and renowned experience in premier hotel and restaurants. He worked for Gordon Ramsey and was part of the opening team for multiple Michelin star restaurants. He has since opened 14 establishments including his beloved Longtime and The Flying Cock, which he co-founded. His love for South East Asian cuisine flows through his family veins mixed with the solid Michelin star European training.

Chef Kenneth Thomas Hines

With 22 years of experience in global hospitality service, Kenneth has had success in being a restaurateur - conceptualizing, constructing, and operating his own restaurants. He is highly acclaimed and awarded in the top 20 and top 100 restaurants Philippine Tatler best restaurant guide since 2001 until present, and awarded in the top 500 restaurants in Asia Miele guide. He has been an executive chef in top hotels and restaurants around the country such as Marriott Cebu and Friday’s Boracay and has been an instructor since 2014.

Chef Philip John Golding

With more than two decades of experience in food and restaurant management, Chef Philip is an established name in the culinary and hospitality industry. Opting to begin his career at a young age, Chef Philip started apprenticing at 14 in a gastropub in Oxford. His love of food lead him to work alongside numerous Michelin-starred chefs - Paul Bocuse Lyon, George v Paris, Raymond Blanc, Ian Mc Andrew - London The Dorchester Hotel, Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck - ( bray ) Hyde Park hotel under the Forte Hotel Graduate Program. After graduating, he moved to Asia to further his culinary studies. Since then, he has established his own training company, opened his own restaurant, supplied quality fine foods and imported meats to distinguished establishments, and has been featured in multiple online and print publications to share his culinary expertise. He is currently working on expanding the kitchens of the delicatessens into gourmet steak houses with an enthuses on Mediterranean and Halal cuisine and is pushing to bring Escoffier Programs and other creative restaurant concepts to Manila. He also continues to cook and mentor numerous restaurants that focus on wine pairing dinners & specialized pop-ups.

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