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Below are answers to some common questions that may help you with your application process:

How can I apply?

Easy! You can apply HERE or contact one of our representatives.

How long are the courses?

Course length will depend on a few factors: the level of qualification, the field you’re looking at and of course the pathway you want to take. Click here to find out more about courses.

What’s different about Ausphin International Institute compared to other schools?

  • We are more than a school as Ausphin International Institute. We are mentors, professionals, and family!
  • You will be trained by professionals in the industry. These are mentors that actually WORK in hospitality and have a wealth of experience from years in the industry across the world.
  • Yes, across the world! You will receive qualifications that are AQF recognised, giving you the key to working in Australia!
  • Your training is workplace based. This is simply the step you need to get into your career!
  • All of this in a much quicker time frame, with competitive rates AND career support after you graduate? Yes, you can apply today!

Do you provide additional support to students/graduates?

Absolutely! Our goal is to get you what you need for your success in your career. We are partnered with Hospitality Groups across the world from hotels to restaurants and we will introduce you to your new employer! More than this, we will always be there to connect for consultations, advice or a quick Instagram update!

What sort of specialised programs are out there for me?

Are you trying to refine a specific skill? No problem A.I.I. can help you master the nuances of your craft from cuisine to admin and leadership through our skills gap training programs. Take a look here to see more about these programs. You can use our qualifications and training to help you in the future with Recognition of Prior Learning and more.

Okay, so what’s AQF?

AQF is Australian Qualifications Framework. This is the Australian recognised training and education framework. Ausphin offers its students AQF recognised qualifications, which opens the door for your career in Australia!

The team at Ausphin International Institute is always happy to answer you questions or give advice on your next move. Send us a message!


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