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Ausphin International Institute is a globally recognised culinary training school for students looking to jumpstart their careers. Ausphin’s students will learn from renowned industry experts and receive the Australian Qualification, a certification that is internationally recognised across the world.

We are also the recognised market leader for traineeship, recruitment, placement, workshop, and graduate programs specializing in culinary and hospitality. We are committed to providing training, international career experience, and cultural exchange in the global setting to high-caliber, career-oriented, and passionate candidates. This means our successful alumni are immediately granted international working opportunities!

We are focused on your international growth

As one of the industry’s best, we take pride in the benefits you could get to boost your career further!

Internationally Recognised Qualifications

Our alumni gain local and international competitive advantage because we provide them with Australian Qualification, a certification that is recognised across the world.

Career Growth &
Alumni Support

Our students are provided with exceptional learning opportunities and strong alumni support to ensure that they grow in the careers they are passionate about.

Learn from International Industry Experts

Our students train alongside the most renowned industry experts to gain knowledge and experience in actual kitchen set-ups to prepare them for their future careers.


To provide our students with Australian qualification and the best training, exposure to the industry before helping reach their career goals across the world.


Ausphin International Institute hopes that by providing our students with the best opportunities, we will continue to service the industry by upskilling the workforce worldwide.

Our Core Values

Deeply rooted in the core of our business are values
that define our character and service


Ausphin is passionate about the industry, and we expect that our students throw their enthusiasm into learning all they can while with us. After graduating, we hope that their passion has been fully ignited and show their dedication to their new career opportunities.


We take pride in our knowledge and experience gained from years in the industry. Our expertise gives us an understanding of the industry’s needs and the skills and training required for our students to be successful in striving for their dreams.


Working as a team, Ausphin endeavours to reach the full potential of our students. Success is measured differently, as everyone has different goals, but with our expertise, we personalise our approach so that our students not only succeed in their learning, but in their careers.

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